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About BIS

The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), United States Department of Commerce deals with issues involving national security and high technology trade.

  • BIS leadership and offices

    Shaping and guiding the regulations, providing essential advice to companies and individuals seeking to stay within the bounds of compliance.
  • 2023 annual report - coming soon

    BIS collects data annually from U.S. firms involved in defense exports with associated offset agreements to assess the impact of offsets in defense trade.
  • Careers at BIS

    We're on the lookout for talented individuals to join our dynamic team, with positions available in engineering, compliance, policy analysis, and operations research.
  • BIS guiding principles

    The guiding philosophy of the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security in approaching its activities and fulfilling its responsibilities.

Words from within

“If we are to face both the rapidly evolving pace of technological development and the actions of actors of concern like Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran, who are desperately trying to obtain advanced technologies, we must be strategic in our actions, coordinated in our controls, and make sure we react quickly to face challenges as they arise.” - Alan F. Estevez

“Over the past 18 months especially, we have seen an unprecedented increase in the profile of export controls globally. Once largely the province of regulators, attorneys, and compliance specialists, export controls have entered common parlance. One has only to open a newspaper on any given day to find reporting on semiconductor manufacturing equipment and advanced computing exports controls, or on the impact of our export controls on Russia’s ability to wage its brutal and illegal war in Ukraine.” - Thea D. Rozman Kendler

“Disrupting the diversion of critical U.S. technologies to nation-state adversaries and malign actors around the globe is our highest priority,” - Matthew S. Axelrod


CY 2022 BIS Licensing Overview

In 2022, BIS reviewed 40,507 license applications, valued at $336.0 billion. This represents a 0.8% decrease in the number of applications from 2021. Of these, 39,043 were for exports and re-exports of tangible items, software, and technology, while 1,464 were for Deemed Exports. 87.4% of applications were approved, with an average processing time of 39.5 calendar days.




Legal Disclaimer: This is an in-progress website that incorporates new tools to access and use BIS regulations. Results from this website may be inaccurate or incomplete and should not be relied upon for compliance with the EAR. Please continue to utilize the existing BIS site or the eCFR for accessing the regulations.